Host a Healthy (and Delicious) Trader Joe’s Holiday Party

Just because you are making the healthful decision to do a stick to a healthy eating plan during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your room and not be social. Trader Joe’s has many options for you to throw a dinner party that anyone can enjoy!

Beverages: Trader Joe’s has a great selection of sparkling waters to serve in wine glasses. Garnish with lemons and limes.

Pre-Dinner Snacks:

Put out some bowls of Just Mango Slices and nuts of your choice. Trader Joe’s has a large selection and most are compliant. Double check the label for added sugars just to be sure. Get some of the Jicama sticks and make some easy guacamole by mashing up ripe avocadoes and mixing with Salsa Autentica.

First Course:

Make an Asian inspired “fried rice” bowl with cauliflower rice, broccoli florets from the frozen department, an egg, and and diced organic chicken breasts. Add a splash of coconut cream.

Main Course – On the Grill

Let the star of the show be some grilling! Trader Joe’s has a great assortment of organic meats to grill and vegetables you can roast. Drizzle your choice of veggies with olive oil and put them in the oven for 35-40 minutes.


Get the Very Berry Cherry Blend in the frozen section and some fresh limes. While still frozen, pour the berries in a cup and squeeze lime juice over them. Mash with a fork and serve. You’ll surprised how delicious this is!

These are not the only Trader Joe’s options for compliant menu items for a “fun for anyone” dinner party. They are all label compliant so you don’t have to think about it but if you veer off of this list, make sure you check the ingredient list for sneaky sugars and grains!






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