Since July 2016 I have been happily using the Isagenix system because of its convenience and nutrients. I am a huge fan of doing a Whole30 to educate yourself on how different foods affect you but after a few Whole30’s and reintroductions, I found that I don’t have an issue with dairy (and even if I did, Isagenix has a dairy free line) and Isagenix whey protein is made from milk of New Zealand cows where they are all grass-fed and where pesticide in the grass is illegal.

I was initially turned off because multi-level marketing was “not my thing” but after seeing so many of my fitness and even college friends have amazing results, I had to try it – and I’m still on it because it’s so easy and delicious.

Click here to see the video that got me on board.

Most people start with the 30 Day Cleanse package and then pick a way to maintain that fits in their budget and lifestyle.

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