Distance Coaching

How does distance coaching work, you ask?

We have an initial phone call where we discuss your goals, your lifestyle, how many times per week you would IDEALLY like to train, what equipment you have, and any old injuries that may get in the way. Then I write you a four week program based on what we speak about at our initial call.

At the same time each week we have a 15 minute check in (or email if you prefer) to course correct if needed. Maybe your schedule changed or something felt too easy or too difficult. Or maybe things feel just right and we keep doing what we are doing.

We continue this as long as you feel you are making progress and benefiting from the programming. That simple!

Pricing is $124 for a 4 week program and no long term commitments. Email me at delaine@trainwithdelaine.com to schedule your complimentary call to see if this is a good fit.