Once You Accept This in Life, Everything Changes


You can’t control everything that happens around you.

But you can control you.

You can control how you respond to things.

And the current state of your health and body are absolutely the result of the decisions you’ve made (barring certain illnesses and conditions).

We can blame Covid.

We can blame work.

We can blame the days for not having more hours in them.

But the truth is, you’ve ended up here, in this state at this moment, as a result of your choices.

Neutral choices do not exist.

Every food makes you healthier or unhealthier.

Every time you choose to lift a weight or take a step…or not…makes you healthier or unhealthier.

When you can see everything as a CHOICE in your day, it becomes an opportunity to move closer to your goals or further away from them.

Understanding how this adds up over time makes it easier to brace for the compound effect, for better or worse.

So,  what has been the result of the choices you’ve made for your body up to this moment?

Are you happy with the outcome or do you wish you’d done some things differently?

If you know you need to take action right now to change things, I’m here to help and serve those who are ready to make serious changes and will walk the road with you every step of the way.

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