Online Kettlebell Programs

Teachable is the online course platform that houses my three kettlebell online programs.

The latest six part series, Kettlebells for the Busy Professional, is also featured on FMTV. It is a complete workout that teaches you the fundamentals and gives you follow alongs that can be doubled up and completed in either 6 twenty minute workouts per week or 6 twenty minute workouts per week.

If you’re looking for something to make you a better instructor or an expert lifter, The Comprehensive Kettlebell Catalog is for you.

The Comprehensive Kettlebell Catalog – Everything you need to be the best kettlebell instructor and lifter you can be! And as a thank you for being in the tribe, it’s only $150 if you use coupon code”50OFF” 😀



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Lastly, my Weekly Workout Subscription is EXACTLY what you need if you have a bell at home and just don’t know where to start. It’s three workouts a week (one video based and two text based) so you always know EXACTLY what to do if you want stay lean, strong, and mobile with a minimum time investment and without having to think about it!