Which Diet Works?

At The Phoenix, one of our core values is having a broad and accepting view of recovery. what this means is that no matter what someone is doing to stay sober, we respect and celebrate it. And we believe that there is no one size fits all path for everyone.

The same is true for fitness and nutrition.

Years ago I remember my friend and mentor Daniel John saying, “What diet works? The one you stick to.” (and he may have been quoting Josh Hillis.)

But it’s true. There are many different diets and they all work.

Now, some are easier than others and some work better with different people’s habits, schedule, personality (yes personality) and body chemistry.

What I mean by personality – I will never again obsessively count calories and macros. I did fitness competitions a decade ago and it made me crazy. I do, however “spot check” calories/macros when I’m in a routine to make sure I’m not way off base.

There are, however, two universal truths that I know to be the law:

1. Real food is better than processed foods
2. Minimizing added sugar is always a good idea (not sugar naturally occurring in food, but ADDING sugar to foods. And yes, honey is sugar so no loopholes here.)

Other than that, there are a hundred different diets that work, You just have to pick the one that feels like an enjoyable lifestyle and not a prison sentence.

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Train Hard, but Train Smart!


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This is Your Warning…

We all get this one opportunity to live our very best life.

When we don’t grow, love, take care of ourselves and live to our potential, we are squandering this one amazing opportunity we’ve been granted.

Comfort, fear, and scarcity rob us of what’s possible unless we consciously choose otherwise.

I bring this to you today because what humans on their deathbed know is that REGRET is the most damaging thing.

So, look at your life today. If you had only moments left to live, is there anything you’d regret?

Did you have true fulfillment in your life?

If the answer would be no, it’s time to change.

If that “no” has anything to do with your health and body, I’d love to know more.

Let me know what is coming up for you either way!

Train Hard but Train Smart,


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Never Say These Two Words





What I’m about to share with you are two very harmless words except when they’re used together.

These words are…

“Yeah, but…”

Let me explain with an example.

Person #1: “You know there’s never a perfect time to start exercising.”

Person #2: “Yeah, but things are just extra crazy right now with the holidays coming.”

You see, the phrase “yeah, but” does two things.

  1. It acknowledges the situation, challenge, etc.
  2. It refutes your ability to do anything about it.

And the truth is that there’s never a “but” when something is important enough or a high enough priority to us.

For example, if someone is diagnosed with cancer, their response wouldn’t be “yeah, but I just don’t have time to deal with this right now.”

The reason I decided to share this message today is to simply bring this phrase to your attention. My hope is that the next time you hear “yeah, but” either from yourself or from someone else, that you catch yourself, evaluate the scenario, and move toward “yeah” without the “but.”

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