The Swing and the Deadlift Have the Same Movement Pattern

Swing is a Deadlift

The kettlebell swing is fundamentally a dynamic deadlift. They are both exercises that employ the hinge pattern. Contrary to what you may see in many gyms, the swing is not a squat. The angle at the hip is much more acute than the angle at the knee, whereas in the squat the angle of the knee and the angle of the hip are relatively the same. In the back of a swing and a deadlift, you’re sitting back as if someone pulled a chair out from under you and you can’t quite reach it. One way to dial in a kettlebell swing with yourself or a student is to start with a deadlift – hinge and slowly “squeeze” the bell off of the ground. Then immediately do some powerful swings mimicking that same pattern only this time quickly and explosively. (Hint: make sure in your deadlift, you start with the handles lined up with your ankles underneath you and in the swing start the bell a little bit in front of you with the handle tilted back towards you.)

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