Goals Go Beyond Resolutions

As we venture into February, many of us have already left our New Year’s resolutions far behind. Why is it that we can’t seem to stick with a resolution longer than a couple of weeks? Usually the problem is the resolution is in the lack of sustainability.  Quick fixes are fine for a jump start, but if we don’t transition into something that works with the 80/20 rule (80% of the time we stick with it/ 20% we don’t – because life happens) then what is the point?  As far as picking a general long term diet, you have to figure out what works for you and what is sustainable. Choosing an eating plan that involves real, unprocessed food is never a bad idea, but there are many many to choose from and you have to pick one that fits into your lifestyle and lets you enjoy food, not feel tortured and deprived.

The same goes for exercise.  There are certain 90 day programs that have you go hard, hard, hard every day for 90 days – and you may get great results in that time – but then what after those 90 days? It’s not sustainable.  You have to pick something that works for you, that you enjoy, and that you can stick with far beyond the initial time period. Anything works for 6 weeks. Tell me what still works three years from now.  Many of the “quick fix” programs are just too much for the average person to handle over a long period of time without injury or at best, burnout. Twenty pounds may be lost in 6 weeks but then time off is taken and weight gains of those twenty pounds and more come in the next 6 weeks.  I would much rather someone find something that they enjoy and can stick with for months, lose 5 pounds a month for 4 months and then continue losing those pounds until they reach their goal. They have a much better likelihood of keeping it off because the training is sustainable. There are many different ways of eating and exercising – and I certainly have my favorites – but which one really works for you?  The one you stick with.

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