Keeping the Bell in the High Triangle in the Kettlebell Swing

When you perform the Kettlebell Swing, as you get tired there comes a risk of letting the bell fall lower and lower to the ground and putting stress on your back. A cue that I like when training people is to imagine that your feet up to your hips is the whole triangle and the smaller triangle from your knees up to your hips is the high the high triangle. On the backswing you want your hands to pass through the high triangle making the exercise safer and more efficient. “Play chicken with yourself” works well for the male population as well. So in a swing, we have talked about hiking the bell back behind you and then getting into a plank. You want to hold that plank until the last second and then have your hands pass through the high triangle. If you lose the plank and break early, you bell handle will end up below your knees.

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