How to Fix Rounding the Shoulders in the Kettlebell Swing

Some people who sit all day don’t even know what it feels like to keep the shoulders packed and chest open. This is a drill for people who don’t have the body awareness to feel the difference. If you have them put a medium sized bell behind their back and hinge into the bell, it will pull the shoulders back and cause them to feel what it’s like to have an open chest and shoulders that are packed and not rounded.

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  • Chris Garcia

    Thank you, This back pressure crunch works wonders. I usually make my students go to RKC plank. But I like the way you can feel the pelvis slide and stack up with this exercise.
    Thanks again

  • felixc

    Thanks – That was very helpful. I was just noticing that I was doing that albeit not as pronounced as in the video.

  • Marc Andresen

    Delaine, that’s a great tip. Belongs right in there with Pavel’s work.

    • delaine9090

      Thank you!