Get-up Modifications for Hard Surfaces

I remember one of my first ever private training sessions I did at Condition Kettlebell Gym.  I asked the student if he did Turkish Getups. He said, “No.” I was about to go on a rant about how good get-ups are for mobility, agility, and stability. He interrupted and said, “No. I live in the Caribbean. I have a concrete floor in my house and poisonous caterpillars in my backyard.”

I’ll give him the caterpillars but now I have a fix for the concrete floor.

If I could only do ONE kettlebell exercise for the rest of my life, it would be the Get-up. It’s just a matter of fact that we, as a Western society, just don’t roll and stand and kneel – especially under load. Even kids these days sit under trees at the park and play video games.

My favorite testimonial I have ever heard was not a fat loss story. It was a 67 year old grandmother who came back from Christmas and (with tears in her eyes) said, “For the first time in my grandchildren’s lives I was able to sit on the ground and open presents with them because since doing getups, I knew I would be able to get off the ground and wouldn’t be embarrassed.”

So, get rid of the hard surface get-up excuses and try this method.

This video shows how to modify getups so you don’t grind your knees on a hard surface.

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