Everything You Have Been Told is a Lie (Part 1)

What if I told you that everything mainstream media has been telling you about losing weight is a lie?

Mainstream media wants you to think that all calories are created equal. Not true. Like I mentioned in a FB live last week, a calorie of olive oil does not affect your body, hormones or blood sugar the same way that a calorie of candy does. Saying “A calorie is a calorie” is like saying “A dog is a dog.” Yes two calories are calories but a calorie of olive oil is about as different from a calorie of candy as a Pit Bull is different from a Chihuahua.

Mainstream media wants you to think that you can join a gym and exercise any poor eating habits away. Not true. Now, exercising is important to your health but it’s only about 5% of the weight loss equation. I (OBVIOUSLY) am a big advocate for exercise. Strength is important, body composition goals are important to me, and the positive impact that exercise makes on brain chemistry is something I will never let fall to the wayside… but as far as eating whatever you want and exercising to make up for it? That’s not actually a thing. As Dr Jason Fung says, “Nutrition is Batman and Exercise is Robin.” If weight loss is the goal, let’s focus first and foremost on the 95% (nutrition) and second on the 5% (exercise.)

No one is telling you that WHEN you eat is almost as important as WHAT you eat. Meal timing has been an important factor throughout human history. There have historically been times of feast and times of famine. There are celebrations (birthday parties, weddings, etc) followed by times of fasting. It’s a natural ebb and flow and part of the circle of life…. but as of late all we do is feast and never fast.

What if I told you that the real truth is that the way to real and sustainable weight loss is through insulin reduction, not calorie counting? And that there are MANY ways to reduce insulin and increase insulin sensitivity (thus lowering your risk for diabetes IN ADDITION TO helping you lose weight) and there was one simple and free way at that? That way is…. and don’t be scared… through controlled times of fasting.

Why is no one telling you this? Because no one makes money on it. Big Food doesn’t make money when you fast because you aren’t eating anything (except maybe coffee with heavy cream and bone broth.) Big Pharma doesn’t make money when you fast because your blood sugar normalizes and they can’t sell you medication.

Before you dismiss this as “Crazy” or “A Fad” hear me out. I’m going to ease you in….I will be sending you some education on fasting in the next few days. All I’m asking is for you to be curious and hear what I have to say. I feel like it is my DUTY now that I found the missing link that ties together all the things that I have known to be true but couldn’t explain: Insulin, not calories, causes weight gain and the quickest, simplest, and least expensive way to lower insulin is through periods of controlled fasting.

More on this to come.

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