Comprehensive Kettlebell Catalog is HERE!

When I opened my studio in 2007, I had only been certified for

one year and hadn’t trained many people.

A swing was a swing and I hadn’t developed the eye to tell the difference

between a good one, a bad one, or a down right unsafe one.

Over the last almost 10 years of kettlebell teaching and training, I

assisted at many certifications until I was promoted and allowed to

teach at them. I also took dozens of workshops from master trainers

from all over the world.

I wish I had this course (available next Friday) when I was just starting out training.

The Comprehensive Kettlebell Catalog is the culmination of what I have learned at these events and from

training more than a thousand students at my kettlebell gym over the next 8 years.

Are you ready to cut your learning curve by 10 years?

Are you ready to be a better instructor AND lifter?

Are you ready to help you and your students maximize the kettlebell experience?

The Comprehensive Kettlebell Catalog outlines how to break down the 6

fundamental exercises to teach general population and how to correct

the most common mistakes.

Even if you are certified, you will pick up on something learned from experience or

through workshops taught by my colleagues.

This video breaks down how to teach the swing as well as how to fix a squatty swing.

(Click the image below!)


Stayed tuned for the next email on Monday that covers how to teach the

snatch and keep from banging your wrists.

And to let you know, the course is a 3 part series that is laid out like this:

Section 1:

How to Teach the Swing

How to Fix the Most Common Swing Mistakes

How to Teach the Turkish Get­up

How to Fix the Most Common Turkish Get­Up Mistakes

Section 2:

How to Teach the Clean

How to Fix the Most Common Clean Mistakes

How to Teach the Military Press Mistakes

How to Fix the Most Common Military Press Mistakes and Press Heavier

How to Teach the Squat

How to Fix the Most Common Squat Mistakes and Squat Deeper

How to Teach the Snatch

How to Fix the Most Common Snatch Mistakes

Section 3:

How to Design General Population Programs

3 Single Bell Follow Along Workouts

3 Double Bell Follow Along Workouts

And here is the table of contents for Section 1, so you can check out the amount of content offered.


If you have any questions, please respond to this email or come over to the Facebook page.

I look forward to helping you become the best trainer and lifter you can be!

Train Hard, but Train Smart,


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