Why They Sabotage You

If you’ve ever been on a powerful mission to get healthier, eat better, and be consistent with your exercise routine, you may have noticed that certain friends and family aren’t in love with your new-found dedication.

And it’s not because they don’t love you. It’s because it’s hard for them to see you change.

Maybe they think you won’t be able to have as much fun because you’ll stop being as social. Maybe they’re irritated by your refusal to eat something they just baked. Maybe they’re upset that you declined Saturday morning mimosas in favor of hitting the gym.


I’m here to tell you that this is normal, that you can’t give into the pressure, and to help you understand why this is happening.


First, when your decisions aren’t aligned with what they desire from you, people can get upset. But this isn’t about you, it’s about them. Hold your ground and lovingly explain WHY you’ve made your choices. It’s then up to them as to whether or not they choose to accept it.


Second, it holds up a mirror to them. It makes them consider their own shortcomings or failure to stick with routines or focus on healthy habits. This is very uncomfortable for people when they aren’t ready to receive it.


As a friend, lover, or family member, one of the best things you can do for others is take care of yourself and become the best version of YOU. The next best thing you can do is invite them along for the ride.


So, does this remind you of anyone in your life right now? Is there a conversation you need to have? Hopefully, you even give them an “aha moment” that gets them excited about pursuing goals similar to yours.

If you’re training with me, comment and tell me a little bit about how this resonates (if it does), and if you aren’t training with me, we’d love to schedule a free strategy call. I’m here to support you and those you care about!

When You Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose (plus a survey…)


When you uncover your soul’s purpose…

Learn more about why I do what I do on a deeper level. (This actually has nothing to do with kettlebells. 😊)

This video is something I posted on Facebook weeks ago, but wanted to use it to connect with you guys on a deeper level. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable!

Also, I need your help! If you are between the ages of 35 and 65, have a basic knowledge of fitness, and would be the type of people who would invest in an at-home customized training program, please fill out this survey. 

It will greatly help me develop the product and find the right language to use in marketing!


I appreciate you!

Trigger Foods vs Buffer Foods

When it comes to dealing with cravings there are two approaches I like to take with clients (in addition to simple prevention strategies).

I want to make you aware of two food classifications that can either make or break your ability to stay on track with your nutrition and avoid giving into cravings: buffer foods and trigger foods.

Buffer foods are foods that allow you to, with a small amount of indulgence, get rid of the cravings and thereby take in far fewer calories than you would have if you gave into the craving. Buffer foods typically include things like almond butter, green smoothies, extra dark chocolate (or other items with cocoa). Think foods that give you the sweet or fat sensation but that you don’t want to eat a whole lot of.

Trigger foods typically increase cravings and caloric intake. For example, if you give into a craving for pancakes for breakfast in the morning, your blood sugar will spike and crash. You’ll get hungrier faster, eat more throughout the day, and have stronger cravings for starches and sugars.

Try replacing your trigger foods with buffer foods and see how your cravings and hunger are affected. What buffer food are you going to try?

P.S. If you’d like to schedule a call to talk about taking back your health and fitness even with the busiest of weeks, schedule a call with me here. 🙂